About FLEXION Exchange

We are providing 0% trading fee at time of exchange launching. A investor who purchase 100k FLEXION tokens will get 50% trading fee and that will be the permanent

Forex trading will be provided on FLEXION exchange. Customer will get trading platform with 500 tokens.Minimum quantity of buying Flexion tokens will be 500 FXN and then will be able to use Ethereum to buy Flexion Token. In each new phase will increase

We aim to provide a fast and secured trading experience to our customers in BTC,ETH and FXN.

Sign Up Bonus

Flexion gives the flexion token (FXN) for the sign up bonus to its user. Sign Up now to take advantage of this golden opportunity. Information of Sign Up bonus is given below.
Information about Sign Up Bonus
  • Once User is signup to our website he will get 100 flexion tokens.
  • Signup bonus will display in user dashboard.
  • Sign up Bonus will get added into users total flexion tokens.
  • Sign up bonus can availe only once.
  • User can withdrawal sign up bonus during ICO Phase.

Referral Program

The Flexion Referral Program is a great opportunity for you to earn Free Flexion Token by inviting your friends to join Flexion. It is our way of rewarding you for your efforts for referring more users to Flexion and being a part of the crypto revolution in the world! . According to referral program user will get 50 Flexion Tokens on each referral

Information about Referral Program
  • Referral Program is based referring users to flexion with the help of your referral code.
  • Once user get referred and signed up then user will be eligible to get referral bonus.
  • Referral bonus will get added into users total flexion tokens.

Social Media Bonus

Social media bonus will help users to get free FXN tokens by follow and join us on twitter and telegram
Follow Us on Twitter and Get 5 FXN TOKENS as bonus
Join Us on Telegram and Get 5 FXN TOKENS as bonus

Features of Flexion Exchange

Flexion is Digital currency exchange, We Provide 0% trading fee for 6 month during at the time of exchange launching
A user who buy 1 lakh flexion tokens will get 50% trading fee and that will be the permanent
Flexion exchange provides cryptocurrency trading with forex trading.
Sharing for token holder
Complete privacy system
We are using latest technology in our cryptocurrency trading platform
Unique operating system
User can make one million transaction per second
We are providing high leverage future trading.
User can track digital as well as fiat currency.
Get 50% trading discount on first relationship.
Customer will get 24x7 customer support.

ICO Details

Flexion (FXN) is a real utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered by to its investors in the crowd sale supplemented with various features.Flexion token holders will be granted exclusive benefits such as revenue. The System will record the Wallet data of FXN Balance every month on date. And the user will share the revenue based on the balance kept in the Flexion token in the Flexion Exchange Wallet. Based on revenue per token,the system will credit balance in your reward wallet.

ICO Schedule

  • Minimum quantity of buying Flexion tokens will be 500 FXN and then will be able to use Ethereum to buy Flexion Token.
  • As each new phase starts, the price will increase.
  • All the Flexion tokens will be immediate delivered to the investors in their Flexion wallet.
No. Date of Start ICO Price In USD Tokens In 1 ETH Bonus Date of End
1 25/09/2018 Pre-ICO $ 0.025 16420 50% 25/10/2018
2 01/11/2018 Phase 1 $ 0.05 8120 40% 15/11/2018
3 16/11/2018 Phase 2 $ 0.10 4060 30% 30/11/2018
4 01/12/2018 Phase 3 $ 0.15 2706 20% 15/12/2018
5 16/12/2018 Phase 4 $ 0.20 2030 10% 31/12/2018
Sr No. 1
Date of Start 25/09/2018
Price in USD $ 0.025
Tokens in 1 ETH 16420
Bonus 50%
Date of End 25/10/2018
Sr No. 2
Date of Start 01/11/2018
ICO Phase 1
Price in USD $ 0.05
Tokens in 1 ETH 8120
Bonus 40%
Date of End 15/11/2018
Sr No. 3
Date of Start 16/11/2018
ICO Phase 2
Price in USD $ 0.10
Tokens in 1 ETH 4060
Bonus 30%
Date of End 30/11/2018
Sr No. 4
Date of Start 01/12/2018
ICO Phase 3
Price in USD $ 0.15
Tokens in 1 ETH 2706
Bonus 20%
Date of End 15/12/2018
Sr No. 5
Date of Start 16/12/2018
ICO Phase 4
Price in USD $ 0.20
Tokens in 1 ETH 2030
Bonus 10%
Date of End 31/12/2018

Token Details

The Flexion Token (FXN) is built with ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain technology.Flexion (FXN) supports all the Ethereum wallets.
Name Symbol Platform Price at Pre-Sale ICO Start Date ICO End Date Minimum Purchase Total Token Supply Accepting Currency
Flexion FXN Ethereum ERC20 1 FXN = 0.025 USD 25th Sept 2018 31th Dec 2018 500 FXN 360,000,000 FXN ETH , BTC
Price On ICO Supply at Pre-Sale Supply at ICO Soft Cap Hard Cap
$ 0.05 80,000,000 FXN 170,000,000 FXN 18,000,000 FXN 108,000,000 FXN
Name Flexion
Symbol FXN
Platform Ethereum ERC20
Price at Pre-Sale 1 FXN = 0.025 USD
ICO Start Date 25th Sept 2018
ICO End Date 31th Dec 2018
Minimum Purchase 500 FXN
Price On ICO 1 FXN = 0.05 USD
Supply at Pre-Sale 1,80,000,00 FXN
Supply at ICO 9,00,000,00 FXN
Soft Cap 1.80 CRORE
Hard Cap 10.80 CRORE
Total Token Supply 36,00,00,000 FXN
Accepting Currency ETH , BTC

Why should you buy flexion tokens

Flexion represents a solid investment opportunity for investors looking to build wealth over a period of time. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or overnight money making opportunity. Investors that purchase tokens and hold them long term will achieve exceptional results and return on their investment.
  • Experienced Management Team with experience running successful Company.
  • All traders want minimum fees on trading. We don’t have any trading fee.
  • 24 hours Customer support.

Token Distribution

ICO: 53%
Reserve: 30%
Pre-Sale: 5%
Bonus Distribution: 5%
Team: 5%
Sign up / Referral Program: 2%

Use of Fund

Product: 40%
Marketing: 30%
Administrators: 20%
Legal: 10%


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  • Mostly other exchanges take more trading fees.
  • Mostly exchanges does not support fiat currencies.
  • Listing fee of other exchanges is more than we expect.
  • First Relationship Customer is not valuable for mostly exchanges.
  • Mostly exchanges did'nt provide a profit to the customers
  • Mostly exchanges are not available for 24x7 hours
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  • We provide 50% less trading fees than other exchanges.
  • We support fiat currencies on one platform.
  • Coin listing upto 80% than other exchanges.
  • First Relationship Customer - the person who will purchase 100,000 tokens in pre-sale will get 50% off on trading fees for lifetime
  • We value our investors so we will provide them 20% profit from the exchange (revenue will be shared by calculating by the percentage of the tokens of the investors).
  • We are also providing 24x7 customer support.


Feb 2018Concept Generation
March 2018Team Assemble
April 2018Shared vision and missions strategic plan
May 2018Concept approval
June 2018Planning for Pre-ICO
July 2018Website Development
ERC-20 Development
August 2018Smart Contract Creation like Ethereum
September 2018Launching of token Pre-ICO private sale
October 2018ICO public sale on websites
January 2019Coin Listing other exchange
February 2019Exchange UI Launch
March 2019Trading Platform Launch
April 2019Complete Go Live of Exchange

Team Players

Operating Team

team member
A.L BUDDH CEO and Co-Founder
team member
R.K GAUTAM Co-founder
team member
team member
Hemant Kumar CIO
team member
team member
Sandeep Singh Adviser
team member
D.K Gautam Financial Service Advisor
team member
Arun Kumar I.T Advisor
team member
Grant Akhatsokhe Advisor
team member
Nartey Adamtey Advisor

Development Team

team member
Akshay R. Development Team Lead
team member
Pratik H. SEO Team Lead
team member
Rupali P. Frontend Developer
team member
Aniruddha G. Blockchain Developer
You can send us a mail on contact@flexiontoken.io


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